On your side to boost your marketing capability

Companies have cut back on their own marketing training. The alternative of business school courses can be expensive and sometimes overly theoretical. As a result, you may be left to develop yourself alone. Now there is a new solution: brandgym Academy. It's like having a brand coach on your side to help you raise your marketing game.
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This short course is action-oriented and designed to equip you with tools, techniques and inspiration to immediately apply on-the-job. We're committed to you coming out capable of doing the following:

  • Understand the principle of TURBO charging your marketing plan using the BRanD principle: Branded, Relevant Amplified and Distinctive

  • Learn how to create BRAND chapter plans to improve effectiveness

  • Use deep insight into consumers and their passion points to create RELEVANT activation ideas

  • Learn how to AMPLIFY marketing plans both over time and over different elements of the mix

  • Create DISTINCTIVENESS by harnessing the power of BRAND PROPERTIES to build consistency over time

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome from your brandgym coach

    • Intro to the course player

    • Download Your Turbo Marketing Plan TOOLKIT

  • 2


    • Kick-off

    • Turbo Fitness check -before

    • 1. BRAND CHAPTER plans


    • PART 3: AMPLIFY distinctively

    • QUIZ Turbo Marketing Plans

    • Turbo Fitness check -AFTER

  • 3

    Next Steps...

    • CONCLUSION and wrap-up



    • PROGRAM EVALUATION and Feedback


250 participants have completed the program, coming from 20 different countries, from leading companies across sectors.

What participants say

Excellent combination of state-of-the-art marketing principles with practical examples and real life application

Christian Stindt, Marketing Director, Jägermeister UK

"An excellent online course that will challenge you to re-think everything you think you know and walk away with tools that will have an effect on your work immediately."

A strategic, insight-led and practical approach to making marketing pay

Yann Lacrampe, Marketing Director, United Biscuits France

"Happy to have completed Brandgym's top-class Master Brand Growth program. I recommend it to anyone interested in taking a strategic, insight-led and highly practical approach to make marketing pay."

My confidence in brand growth has sky-rocketed! Any marketer, no matter how advanced, would benefit from this program

Georgina Willows, Brand Manager, AB InBev

"Thank you David Taylor for one of the most amazing courses: absolutely phenomenal! It has taught me so many different approaches to mastering brand growth. I will use what you taught me throughout my career”

A mind-opening way to learn new trends & tools and re-think the fundamentals that matter

Tunahan Kafa, Global Brand Manager, Tadım

"Even after leading brands across various industries for many years, it was really mind opening and valuable for me to learn new trends & tools across different sectors and step back to re-think on the fundamentals that matter."

If you’re in the business of building brands, then this program is a must!

Kurt Josie Head of Strategy, draftLine AB InBev

“Just completed this awesome masterclass in Brand Growth! What a journey of learning this has been! If you are in the business of building brands, then this program is a must!”

Fresh, battle-tested approaches for my annual brand planning

Brian Durin, Head of Marketing, Kimberly Clark

"What I found most surprising was the amount of 'incremental learning' I got out of it, even after soaking up marketing effectiveness evidence from Byron Sharp, Mark Ritson, et al."

Incredibly enjoyable and informative. Can't wait to put all my learning into practice!

Pam Digva Co-founder, Sauce Shop

"I am so proud to have completed the brandgym Mastering Brand Growth Program! It was great to focus on my own professional development and connect with some great people."

Amazing, inspiring and thought-provoking on-demand modules and interactive sessions

Claudia Schmid, Product Owner - ZX, AB InBev

"This course has taught me how to become more confident to build a brand-led growth plan and how to ask and answer the right questions. Very excited to put my learnings into actions."

Great balance of brand strategy frameworks and concrete examples

Thomas Devroe, Senior Marketeer Entertainment, Telenet

"Thanks David Taylor for 8 inspiring weeks on the Mastering Brand Growth Program! Great balance between frameworks to get a helicopter view and concrete examples: tangible enough to start applying in the day-to-day."


the brandgym is a global team of eight senior brand coaches dedicated to helping marketing leaders create brand-led growth and was founded in 2002. We focus on three key services: brand purpose & brand positioning, growing the core and innovation to stretch brands. We work on projects around the world from bases in the London, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Buenos Aries and Mexico City. brandgym Academy is our new online, on-demand marketing training platform.
brandgym global team


A series of acclaimed, best-selling branding books used 'on the job' by marketing teams to boost performance and also recommended by leading business schools including London Business School, INSEAD and Tuck. A great way to prepare for your Mastering Brand Growth marketing training.
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