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A comprehensive, practical program proven to boost your capability to create brand growth

The program combines principles and practical tools proven on real-life projects with 1,000+ leading brands. Our 400 participants to date boosted their confidence to create brand growth by +91%. And our latest Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +80 is industry-leading.



Excellent combination of state-of-the-art marketing principles with practical examples and real life application

Christian Stindt, Marketing Director, Jägermeister UK

"An excellent online course that will challenge you to re-think everything you think you know and walk away with tools that will have an effect on your work immediately."


This comprehensive, action-oriented program equips you with principles, tools and inspiration to start applying immediately. 98% of participants say it will make them MORE EFFECTIVE in their job, by building mastery of the following:

  • Set a clear brand and business AMBITION that guides the brand strategy process

  • Design the optimum PORTFOLIO strategy that focuses time, talent and money on the biggest growth opportunities

  • Create a 360º INSIGHT plan to uncover truths about culture, consumers and your brand, including the latest cutting edge techniques

  • Craft a compelling brand PURPOSE & POSITIONING to inspire and guide effective marketing and align the whole business

  • Build a comprehensive GROW the CORE plan using a series of eight growth drivers

  • Develop and prioritise innovation ideas to STRETCH you brand strategically

  • Create a turbo-charged MARKETING PLAN with a series of 'chapters' that bring your brand story to life

  • Pull together and pitch a comprehensive BRAND GROWTH plan to ENGAGE people in the business

My confidence in brand growth has sky-rocketed! Any marketer, no matter how advanced, would benefit from this program

Georgina Willows, Brand Manager, AB InBev

"Thank you David Taylor for one of the most amazing courses: absolutely phenomenal! It has taught me so many approaches to mastering brand growth I will use throughout my career”

Personal support from a global branding expert

The program combines inspiring on-demand content AND live Zoom workshops with your program coach, David Taylor, named one of the world's 50 leading marketing thinkers (CIM). Each cohort is capped at 30 people, allowing personal, 2-way interaction with David throughout the program.
Interactive zoom workshops

A strategic, insight-led and practical approach to making marketing pay

Yann Lacrampe, Marketing Director, United Biscuits France

"Happy to have completed Brandgym's top-class Master Brand Growth program. I recommend it to anyone interested in taking a strategic, insight-led and highly practical approach to make marketing pay."

A mind-opening way to learn new trends & tools and re-think the fundamentals that matter

Tunahan Kafa, Global Brand Manager, Tadım

"Even after leading brands for many years, it was mind opening and valuable for me to learn new trends & tools across different sectors and step back to re-think on the fundamentals that matter."

More feedback from participants

If you’re in the business of building brands, then this program is a must!

Kurt Josie Head of Strategy, draftLine AB InBev

“Just completed this awesome masterclass in Brand Growth! What a journey of learning this has been! If you are in the business of building brands, then this program is a must!”

Fresh, battle-tested approaches for my annual brand planning

Brian Durin, Head of Marketing, Kimberly Clark

"What I found most surprising was the amount of 'incremental learning' I got out of it, even after soaking up marketing effectiveness evidence from Byron Sharp, Mark Ritson, et al."

Incredibly enjoyable and informative. Can't wait to put all my learning into practice!

Pam Digva Co-founder, Sauce Shop

"I am so proud to have completed the brandgym Mastering Brand Growth Program! It was great to focus on my own professional development and connect with some great people."

Amazing, inspiring and thought-provoking on-demand modules and interactive sessions

Claudia Schmid, Product Owner - ZX, AB InBev

"This course has taught me how to become more confident to build a brand-led growth plan and how to ask and answer the right questions. Very excited to put my learnings into actions."

Great balance of brand strategy frameworks and concrete examples

Thomas Devroe, Senior Marketeer Entertainment, Telenet

"Thanks David Taylor for 8 inspiring weeks on the Mastering Brand Growth Program! Great balance between frameworks to get a helicopter view and concrete examples: tangible enough to start applying in the day-to-day."
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The price on the payment page is the £ price including taxes. For company sign-ups (single or multiple participants) we can send an invoice with and without VAT. There is NO VAT to pay for companies outside the UK.


The program has been through a rigorous, independent accreditation process by CPD Standards. Upon successful completion, you will get a CPD Certificate showing the 25 hours of CPD activity that have been undertaken.
CPD Accredited course


Additional content to complement your marketing training, helping you stay sharp and stay ahead of the game

  • the brandgym blog

    A top 60 global branding blog: searchable data base of 1.400+ case studies, updated weekly to keep you up-to-date

  • 50 one-page postcards

    50 one page visual brand growth stories to print out and share, or to use in workshops and meetings

  • 30 template toollkit

    Comprehensive brand growth toolkit to download and use on your own business


  • Is there an opportunity for interaction?

    A key difference vs some other programs are five live, interactive Zoom video sessions with your brandgym coach and fellow participants. These allow you to connect with people from your cohort and work together on how to apply the principles and tools.

  • How much time do I need for each module?

    Each weekly module takes roughly 2 hours, to do when you want each week, split between online content and quick exercises to apply the principles on a brand of your choice as you go. There is a quick 'fitness check' before and after each module, so you can see your progress. Follow-up reading of several blog posts allows you to further explore the key themes with contemporary examples.

  • Is there an exam at the end of the program?

    This is a practical program rather than a theoretical course. There are mini quizzes to check understanding, but the program ends with a brand growth plan, not an exam.

  • Can the program be customised?

    For team sign-ups of 20+ participants, there's an opportunity to have a company-specific program, with your own exclusive interactive Zoom workshops. For bigger groups of 30+ you can also add additional content, such as "What does this means for us?" sections.

  • How often is the program updated?

    The program is built in a modular way so we can regularly update it with contemporary, cutting edge case studies that keep you up to speed with developments in marketing and branding.

  • Do I get a certificate at the end?

    You sure do! On completion you will become a certified Master of Brand Growth, with the program having been independently and rigorously reviewed by CPD Standards. The course qualifies for 25 CPD hours.


Assess your Current Level of Brand Strategy Capability

Get a personalised report with your score on 10 capability measures, benchmarked vs our global data base


The price on the payment page is the £ price including taxes. For company sign-ups (single or multiple participants) we can send an invoice with and without VAT. There is NO VAT to pay for companies outside the UK.